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Thinking the political: The work of Ernesto Laclau

Thinking the political: The work of Ernesto Laclau
University of Brighton

Keynote Speakers:

- Ernesto Laclau
- Paula Biglieri (University of Buenos Aires)
- Oliver Marchart (Universität Luzern)
- Yannis Stavrakakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
- Jelica ?umi? Riha (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

For over 40 years Ernesto Laclau's work has consistently, almost obstinately, sought to rethink the status of the political. This conference reflects on the theoretical debates inspired by these interventions, revisiting older debates, while looking towards new avenues for research opened up by Laclau's work. The conference critically interrogates Laclau's work and the various directions in which other scholars have taken his ideas.

Topics might include, although this list is by no means exhaustive:

·        Politics and the Political;
·        Antagonism and Democracy;
·        Rhetoric and Discourse Theory;
·        Discourse Theory and Political Economy;
·        Laclau's critique of Marx and Marxism;
·        Rethinking Contingency;
·        Post-Marxism and the Revolutions of 2012;
·        Neo-liberalism and Post-Marxism;
·        Psychoanalysis, Marxism and Post-Marxism;
·        Althusser, Poulantzas and Laclau: Revisiting the 70s Debates;
·        Symbolic, Imaginary and Real: Lacan and Laclau;
·        Hegemony and Socialist Strategy in 2013

The conference fee is £150 for both presenters and for those who wish to attend.  This includes refreshments, lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and a buffet dinner on the Thursday evening.

There are a limited number of places available for graduate students and for people who have no institutional affiliation at the reduced price of £75. Please indicate if you wish to be considered for one of these places.

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