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The 2013 Urban Forums

The 2013 Urban Forums

The Urban Network is hosting four conferences this quarter exploring architecture, politics, migration and health.

This spring, the Univeristy of Chicago Urban Network will host four conferences on campus in Hyde Park. Planned in conjunction with partners from across the university, the subjects include Chicago's built environment, the impacts of globalization and mobility on urban areas,causality in urban political networks, and health in cities.  
  • Chicago and the Built Environment  25-27 April  Explore how the geography, history and infrastructure of Chicago influenced the development of the city we know today.    
  • Mobilities: Methodologies, Circulations, and Regulations  3-4 May  Move beyond the traditional frameworks of migration studies and examine the expectations of assimilation and acculturation.
  • Causality in Political Networks  10-11 May  Examine innovations in studying causality within political networks with experts from political science, human development, statistics, and sociology.
  • Health in Cities  10 May  Share insights into health in cities from the perspectives of health care, education, crime, poverty, and environmental quality.

Registration for all four events is now open, and details regarding panel presentations, speakers, and related special events are available at urban.uchicago.edu.

If you require special accommodation to participate, please email urban@uchicago.edu

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