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Cutting Edges Research Conference

CfP Call for papers
Cutting Edges Research Conference
Department of English and Language Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK

Cutting Edges Research Conference

Is it appropriate to talk of "our culture" and "their culture"?
Interrogating common perceptions of culture in language education

A conference for those researching in the fields of applied linguistics, TESOL, modern languages, intercultural communication and education

Friday, 5th July, 2012

Department of English and Language Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK

Invited Speaker:

Professor Cathie Wallace, Institute of Education, London

This year's Cutting Edges conference will be a free one-day event devoted to culture and language education in applied linguistics research.

We are seeking papers that critically engage in current debates in applied linguistics research. In the area of culture and language education, one might consider issues to do with: post-modern and critical perspectives; validity and truth; subjectivity and the role of the researcher; and creative engagement with data collection and analysis.

We invite papers which:

o       move away from essentialist notions of language and culture
o       address issues of race and cultural prejudice
o       suggest alternative ways of conceptualising people from different cultural backgrounds
o       explore the issue of English as a multicultural language
o       examine the ideological issues of content in textbooks and materials
o       deal with the creative and fluid nature of linguaculture
o       consider what sort of English should be taught

Papers will be 20 minutes plus ten minutes for discussion. However, we will consider proposals for discussion forums.

Please email your abstract of 150 words, plus name, affiliation, title to: cuttingedges@canterbury.ac.uk

Deadline for abstracts: Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

email: cuttingedges@canterbury.ac.uk

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