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Art & the Public Sphere - Call for Papers

Art & the Public Sphere - Call for Papers

Martin Zebracki
Wageningen University, Utrecht University, the Netherlands & Vrije Universiteit
Brussel, Belgium

joni m palmer
University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

Art is a burgeoning phenomenon in the public sphere of Western cities, and encompasses a range of issues from geographical levels of the body to international development. Public art includes an expanded notion of art and public sphere that considers art, politics, art criticism and curatorial practices. The Journal for Art & the
Public Sphere has a critical relationship to traditional and conventional debates about public art and art in the public sector and the public realm. There is a growing body of contemporary art practice and theory that by-passes the constraints of public art, the public sector and the public realm in order to explore how the most ambitious and challenging art of the day intersects with its publics not only via public spaces and public institutions, but through a whole range of techniques and technologies of social engagement. This special issue invites scholars from across all disciplines, who are engaged with multidisciplinary articulations of social and cultural theory, to critically analyse the socio-spatial contexts, experiences and affects of art in the public sphere. Art in the public sphere is a geographical conversation piece that is not uncritical in the least. This issue welcomes papers that may engage with one or more of the following critical questions, or related relevant matters. By whom and for whom, and from which rationales, is public art made in time and space? And, more
particularly, what does this imply for urban identity, socio-spatial inclusion and exclusion, and sociocultural sustainability?

Deadline for call for papers: 29th March 2013

Call for papers to be submitted to martin.zebracki@wur.nl

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