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IVSA 2013 Annual Conference: The Public Image

IVSA 2013 Annual Conference: The Public Image

The International Visual Sociology Association 2013 Annual Conference will take place from 8 to 10 July 2013 at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The conference will be hosted by CUCR - Centre for Urban and Community Research gold.ac.uk/cucr


Inspired by Michael Burawoy’s concept of “public sociology,” we dedicate the 2013 IVSA conference to the concept of the “public image”, and the ways that visual sociology can meet Burawoy’s challenge to bring a sociological understanding of social life to a vibrant, active and diverse public. Public sociology endeavors to bring sociology into dialogue with audiences beyond the academy, an open dialogue in which both sides deepen their understanding of public issues. Themes covered this year include:

    Activism and Engagement
    Walking and Seeing the City
    Public and Private Images
    Resilience and Urban Change
    Social Networks and Virtual Image Worlds
    New Visual Methodologies
    Rethinking Visual Theory
    Urban Visibilities and Invisibilities
    Visual Ethics
    Visualising Sociological Publics

We invite visual sociologists and related scholars, including independent scholars and other visual practitioners, to take part in this event!

As well as the parallel panel session, the conference will also include keynote and plenary addresses, walks, and workshops. The 2013 Rieger Award will be announced and celebrated during the meetings.


Registration begins 1 April, 2013.

PLEASE NOTE: To be included in the conference program, participants MUST register for the conference by 31 MAY, 2013. To register for the conference, participants must FIRST become a paid member of IVSA. Visit the MEMBERS tab to learn about the benefits of becoming an IVSA member.

The registration fee includes attendance to all conference activities, a conference pack, welcome reception, and coffee breaks (lunch is not included.) Click on the "details" tab for the list of payment options.

Online registration for general attendance will remain open until 1 July, 2013

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