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EU Performance in Central and Eastern Europe

UACES conference: “EU Performance in Central and Eastern Europe”
Date: September 2-4, 2013
Site: Leeds, UK
Organiser: Loughborough University
Topics: This panel aims to evaluate EU performance internally and externally. Measuring performance in terms of inputs and outputs is vital for understanding what the EU has achieved in relation to its new member-states (MS) as well as in relation to its immediate neighbours. Acknowledging the difficulties of defining performance, this panel conceptualises performance in broader terms, incorporating both process and outcome performance (Gunter & Thompson, 2010); or – internal and external performance. The panel therefore aims to attract papers that will correspond and address the questions relevant to the internal and external dimensions of performance that will be discussed during the following two sessions: Session 1: Internal Performance. Internal performance refers to the internal operations of an actor. This level of analysis focuses closely on internal EU mechanisms and policies and understands performance in terms of efficiency. Session 2: External Performance. External performance then looks at the external operation of an actor and analyses the EU’s ability to achieve specific outcomes outside its borders. It evaluates the EU’s outputs and understands performance in terms of effectiveness. The contributions for the panel can have a qualitative, quantitative research design or a mixed method approach. They may also be issuebased, country-specific or entail a cross-country analysis in the study of the new MS on the one hand, and the EU’s Eastern neighbours on the other. Papers that embrace an innovative conceptual approach and/or bring genuine empirical evidence are particularly welcomed. The call for papers is open to both established researchers/academics, early career as well as postgraduate researchers.
Language: English
Deadline: January 9, 2013
Contact: Neculai-Cristian Surubaru (Session 1), Postgraduate Researcher;  Dorina Baltag (Session 2), Marie Curie early stage researcher, Loughborough University
E-mail: n.surubaru@lboro.ac.uk; d.baltag@lboro.ac.uk
Internet: http://www.uaces.org/events/conferences/leeds

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