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International conference on Language, Literature and Culture

International conference on Language, Literature and Culture
Dec 10-12, 2012

The academic fraternity world over is preoccupied with various ways of understanding language, literature and culture. In addition to their interrelations and interdependence, the new ideas and approaches pouring from various disciplines like literary theory, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis alongside technological revolution and socio-cultural transformations, have a bearing on our perception of language and literature. The conference aims at exploring this dynamics with a focus on the complimentary nature of language, literature and culture and their centrality in human life.

Contemporary approaches to language and literature; author-reader relationship; culture studies; language and literature in the globalizing world and; their role in fostering human understanding and world peace would be the major themes for deliberations. The interactions are expected to promote pragmatic teaching and translational research in the fields of language and literature.

Organizing Committee: Ashok Thorat
Munira Lokhandwala
Participants: Institute of Advanced Studies in English
Forum for Innovation and Transformation
Deadline for submission: 15 August 2012

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