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Europe: Crisis and Renewal

'Europe: Crisis and Renewal' BASEES/ ICCEES European Congress, University of Cambridge, April 2013

Dear Colleagues

Graham Hollinshead (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Thomas Steger (University of Regensburg, Germany) and I are organising a thematic sub-stream (under the Sociology stream) on management and organisational change and transformation in the post-socialist societies of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and countries of the former USSR.

This sub-stream seeks to bring together researchers from all over the world. The sub-stream will consist of panels of thematically organised papers. We invite empirical industry-based and organisational research grounded in any methodological stance but also encourage purely theoretical contributions.

Potential areas of interest include:

1.      Studies on the active role of owners, managers, and other actors and their alliances in designing processes and the re-institutionalisation of management structures, systems and practices.

2.      Studies of new, emergent forms of organisation and organising under conditions of radical environmental change, resulting from international, regional and national pressures, including influences such as foreign direct investment, joint ventures, knowledge transfer and organisational learning.

3.      Power, resistance and micro-political responses to imposed organisational forms.

4.      Processes of organisational identity development and change.

5.      Privatisation processes and changing structures of organisational and managerial control.

6.      Processes of organisational restructuring and cultural change.

7.      Changing relationships between organisations and local community/regional/national  networks and government.

8.      Organisation and management history.

9.      Comparative studies across different countries and different organisational forms.
Please contact me by 30 September 2012 with an abstract (word limit >250 words) if you would like to take part.

We think the topic is a timely one and very much hope that you will be interested in submitting a paper.

With best wishes


Anna Soulsby
Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Nottingham University Business School
University of Nottingham
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United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)115 951 5492 (Direct Line/Voice Mail)

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