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Workshop Global Russian: Exploring New Research Perspectives

Workshop Global Russian: Exploring New Research Perspectives
24 - 25 January 2013

The objective of the workshop is to contextualise the Russian language within the new and rapidly developing field of sociolinguistics of globalisation and collectively to provide a critical reflection on the theoretical challenges posed by Russian as a global language.

Discussion will include but not be limited to the following questions and themes:

• To what extent may the existing postcolonial/globalisation paradigms be used to critique global Russian?
• The Russian language as a disintegrative and an integrative factor in societies and communities outside Russia.
• Global trends as facilitators for the use of Russian.
• New networks and domains of use for global Russian.
• Russia’s claim to ownership of global Russian.
• Pluricentricity of Russian.
• The Russophone Internet across the world.
• New cultural and social indexicalities emerging in the contexts of global Russian.
• The historical aspects of global Russian.

The format of the workshop will include 20-minute papers given by the participants and a brainstorming session on the theoretical issues and research perspectives of Global Russian.

Expected participants:
Vladimir Alpatov, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Ammon Chensky, Glasgow University
Matthew Ciscel, Central Connecticut State University
Polina Kliuchnikova , Durham University
Ekaterina Protassova, Helsinki University
Lara Ryazanova-Clarke, University of Edinburgh
Vlad Strukov, Leeds University
Robert Saunders, SUNY Farmingdale State College
Aldona Judina, University of Edinburgh
Dirk Uffelmann, Passau University
Vera Zvereva, RGGU, Moscow

For more details and a registration form go to http://www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/literatures-languages-cultures/dashkova/research-resources/current-research

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