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Paradoxes of post-socialist segregation

The following is a CFP for AAG 2013 in Los Angeles, April 14-18.
Paradoxes of post-socialist segregation

Session organizers:
Megan Dixon
Szymon Marcińczak
Luděk Sýkora

Social inequalities and segregation in post-socialist countries have recently become a topic of intense scholarly debate. Despite the assumed convergence with the patterns known from Western Europe and North America, the form and dynamics of segregation seem to differ in the post-socialist countries. National and local socialist legacies, pathways of transformation and differences in the integration to global capitalism may lead to a range of unexpected outcomes, raising questions about comparability between segregation in different post-socialist contexts and with experience in western capitalist countries. This session focuses on the commonalities and differences in processes and patterns of segregation, both between post-socialist countries as well as between the East and the West. As social segregation is the spatial manifestation of unfolding socio-economic changes, we adopt it as an umbrella concept that reflects many issues in contemporary social and spatial development. We invite empirical contributions and theoretical reflections on the following topics:

-          processes and patterns of segregation in post-socialist countries
-          types, forms and localities of segregation
-          differences between ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ urbanization and segregation
-          the role of socialist legacies, transformation reforms and interplay between global and local forces in the development of post-socialist residential differences and segregation
-          approaches, theories and methods for the study of social and spatial change in the post-socialist context: the applicability of theories developed in western context
-          the relevance of insights from the study of the post-socialist city for urban studies in general

To submit a paper for consideration in the session on 'Paradoxes of post-socialist segregaiton' (see the description below), please follow these guidelines:

1. Register and submit your abstract online

2. Email your presenter identification number (PIN), paper title, and
abstract to the session organizer szymon.marcinczak@geography.umu.se  by
the 14th of October.

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