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East-European International School for Humanities (MSH EW) is being reformed

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We would like bring to your attention that the East-European International School for Humanities (MSH EW) is being reformed; its new website address is http://www.ial.org.pl/msh2/. The objective of the reform is the creation of active international humanistic research communities by means of supporting joint research projects.

For several years MSH EW has been engaged in teaching in the field of the humanities with the focus on support of and developing close scientific contacts with partners from the countries of Eastern Europe. Since the founding of the school quite a lot has changed in terms of scientific work in the countries of the project: the international situation in general has changed, and this leads to the reform of the nature of the activities of MSH EW. The activities of MSH proposed from 2011 onwards combine didactics and research; emphasis on the first or second element depends on the chosen form of cooperation.

To facilitate research networking and to discuss possible joint research topics, we have created the MSH internet forum (http://www.ial.org.pl/msh2/forum/). At the same time we are preparing a repository of didactic materials from the MSH EW sessions that will be publicly available at http://www.ial.org.pl/msh2/index.php/pl/repozytorium and constantly upgraded. We also encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list at http://www.ial.org.pl/msh2/index.php/en/lista-mailingowa through which all planned events, as well as new research and teaching materials in the repository will be announced.

Priority will be given to the real needs and interests of possible school participants, which can be discussed at our internet forum. Topics in which at least twenty people will be interested will be considered as possible MSH EW sessions.

Another direction of the reforms is to place a greater emphasis on joint research, which would lead to verifiable results and help developing the scientific and educational potential of young scientists, as well as being a training field for teamwork. Verifiable results are understood as e.g. teaching materials in various forms (paper or Internet publications, distant learning courses), jointly organized scientific conferences, publication of research results and their popularization. More information can be found at the site http://

Please, accept our warm greetings.

We are looking forward to many interesting meetings with you in the future!

Directors of MSH EW

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