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Studies of Transition States and Societies (STSS)

Studies of Transition States and Societies (STSS) a biannual peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal issued since Fall 2009, available at www.tlu.ee/stss

Type of publication: print and online

Publication date: June, 2011

Submission deadline: E-mail the articles to stss@tlu.ee by 31st of March, 2011. Articles arriving later will be considered for the Fall issue.

Published/Edited by: Tallinn University Institute of Political Science and Governance and the Institute of International and Social Studies, Estonia STSS welcomes articles, research notes, book reviews and review articles in all subfields of sociology and political science, to promote dialogue and exchange between scholars in these fields. The journal's substantive focus is on the transitional states and societies, particularly on the societal and political changes in postcommunist countries.
The journal only publishes articles written in English. The expected length of the manuscripts is from 2 000 to10 000 words depending on the type of paper. All documents must be accompanied by a title page stating key facts about the author(s). Please see Guidelines for the Authors available at www.tlu.ee/stsss for more detailed information on submission.

We also welcome expressions of interest to become a reviewer for the journal. Please send your CV with publications to stss@tlu.ee.

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