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Transnationalism in the Global City

The application is now open for the

EDMIDI European Doctorate on Migration, Diversity and Identities Intensive Summer Programme 2010

Transnationalism in the Global City - 27th June - 9th July
University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark

The theme of the 2010 IP in Odense, "Transnationalism in the Global
City", focuses on an exciting and highly relevant research topic in the
European context. Too often study of the urban in the social sciences
and humanities seems confined to the issue of social problems. However,
the urban is also a strategic site for understanding major new trends
that reconfigure social order, inequality and conflict. These include
the impact of globalization, new information technologies,
socio-cultural diversity, and the intensification of trans-national and
trans-local dynamics.

In examining questions about transnationalism in the global city, the
EDMIDI programme aims to challenge mainstream forms of theorisation and
empirical analysis of urban studies within the European context in the
social sciences and humanities. The programme seeks to meet this
challenge by theorising and empirically specifying the new conditions
that confront urban society and the study of the urban today, utilising
a diverse range of research methods.

The summer programme is open to 24 PhD candidates registered in European
Universities who are working in a field related to the thematic focus of
the European Doctorate of Migration, Diversity and Identities.

Application deadline: 15th April

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