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Scholarships for the symposia of the European Forum Alpbach

Scholarships are available for students and recent graduates up to 30 years of age. We welcome applications from all countries and academic disciplines.
Our main objective is to ensure the participation of many young people in the entire event. The combination of academic seminars followed by symposiums and short courses on specific topics reflects the special character of the European Forum Alpbach.
Please take into account that there is a different call for scholarships to participate in the Alpbach Summerschool on European Integration and that you can apply only either for the European Forum Alpbach or the Alpbach Summer School.
Deadline for scholarship application: April 16, 2010 (postmark)

The amount of the scholarship differs according to the European region the applicant is coming from. Usually, the scholarship covers the tuition fees only. For applicants from Southeastern, Central and Eastern Europe a contribution to the accommodation costs and in exceptional cases a daily allowance can be included as well. Travel costs have to be borne by the participants.

The applications are selected considering the following criteria of same importance: letter of motivation, prove of successful university studies, professional experience, societal involvement, and style. 100 points can be achieved. For every failed application in the past 5 points will be added, for every successful application 10 points will be subtracted.

Students and young graduates having been scholarship holders in the past have the possibility to apply for a return scholarship. The scholarship comprises 90% of the participation fee, 10% have to be borne by the scholarship holder. If you apply for a return scholarship, you need to hand in the application form and a letter of motivation only.

The scholarship holders will be listed on our website and informed by e-mail at the beginning of July at the latest. Please make sure to mention an e-mail address in the application form that is valid from March to August. The European Forum Alpbach disposes of an adequate allocation of students’ rooms. Therefore, it is not necessary to reserve accommodation prior to the announcement of the selection results.

Scholarship call and application form for the symposia of the European Forum Alpbach
[download here]

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