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Remembering Violence: Anthropological Perspectives on Intergenerational Transmission

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It is our pleasure to announce the recent publication of Remembering Violence: Anthropological Perspectives on Intergenerational Transmission edited by Nicolas Argenti and Katharina Schramm. Additional information is provided in the attached flyer and can also be found on our website:


Psychologists have done a great deal of research on the effects of trauma on the individual, revealing the paradox that violent experiences are often secreted away beyond easy accessibility, becoming impossible to verbalize explicitly. However, comparatively little research has been done on the transgenerational effects of trauma and the means by which experiences are transmitted from person to person across time to become intrinsic parts of the social fabric. With eight contributions covering Africa, Central and South America, China, Europe, and the Middle East, this volume sheds new light on the role of memory in constructing popular histories – or historiographies – of violence in the absence of, or in contradistinction to, authoritative written histories. It brings new ethnographic data to light and presents a truly cross-cultural range of case studies that will greatly enhance the discussion of memory and violence across disciplines.

This is the initial hardback library edition; should you wish to ensure that your library include Remembering Violence in its collection, please find attached a library recommendation form for your convenience. If you are interested in reviewing Remembering Violence for a firm course adoption, please contact us at publicityUK@berghahnbooks.com for more information on pricing and student purchasing options.

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