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Politics of memory in postcommunist Europe

The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and Memory of the Romanian Exile (IICCMER) is seeking papers for its 5th yearbook. We look for original contributions in the fieldof strategies of remembrance, representations and valorisations of the communist past in the countries of the former Soviet bloc (Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria,former GDR, Poland, USSR and former Yugoslavia). Case studies as well as conceptualapproaches of this domain are encouraged.

Researchers, PhDs or PhD students are invited to submit proposals for articles covering the following subjects:

  • Representations of communism in museums: alternative discourses
  • Educational projects
  • Oral history projects
  • Conceptual approaches to the „Memory and Remembrance”
  • Methodological questions in „dealing with the past” in former communist countries
  • Other related topics

Your proposal shouldn’t exceed 400-500 words. Please submit it, together with a short resume, to the co-editors of the volume Corina Palasan (cpalasan@gmail.com, koritza24@yahoo.com) and Marius Stan(marius22stan@yahoo.com), or to: office@iiccr.ro. The selected articles will be published in the 5th yearbook of IICCR, by the end of 2010.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 15th, 2010. Selected authors will be notified by1st of April. In case of your admission, the deadline for rendering the full text is June 15th 2010.

Your manuscript should have a minimum limit of 40.000 and a maximum of 60.000 characters,Times New Roman, 1,5 paragraphs, written in English or French. For additional details, pleasecontact the co-editors.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Corina Palasan and Marius Stan
Documentation and Research Office (IICCMER)

Institutul de Investigare a Crimelor Coumismului si Memoria Exilului Romanesc
Str. Gen. David Praporgescu, nr.33
020966-Bucuresti, Romania
Fax: +40 21 316 7552
Tel:+40 21 316 7565 / +40 21 316 7557
web: www.iiccr.ro

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