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Master of Arts in Urban Studies from Estonian Academy of Arts

Master of Arts in Urban Studies from Estonian Academy of Arts

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Estonian Academy of Arts
MA programme in Urban Studies
Application deadline: August 15, 2013

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The urban question permeates all major social, economic, and political
developments of today. With increasing complexity on the urban field,
we face new demand for knowledge about cities and urban change.

The mission of the MA programme in Urban Studies is to grasp the
complexity of this situation and to elaborate adequate response at the
level of design, policy, and research. The interdisciplinary programme
focuses on new analytic methods and design solutions that critically
engage with the wide-ranging manifestation of contemporary urbanity.

Estonia, an established member state of the EU, provides a fruitful
context for a forward-looking education in Urban Studies because of
its agile society, advanced technological base, social mobility, and
rapid urban change.

The focus of Urban Studies is on processes, forms, and uses that shape
cities and urban regions. The MA programme is trans-disciplinary,
integrating bodies of knowledge of architecture, planning studies, art
history, sociology, geography, anthropology, political science, and

The distinctive mark of the MA in Urban Studies is its reliance on
theoretically informed action in the field. An important part of the
studies consists of semi-realistic design studio projects that engage
real actors. In pursuing a creative agenda, the artistic context of
the Estonian Academy of Arts is a specific strength of the programme.

Apply by August 15, 2013.

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• application for admission to MA study

• copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent and its
translation into Estonian, English or Russian (both, copies and
translations have to be attested).

• Transcript of records (translated into Estonian, English or Russian
and attested).
• certificate of foreign language skills (attested copy)
• 1 photo (4X5 cm).
• copy of the data page of your passport or ID-card.
• CV
• project of your Master’s thesis or vision in the form of essay
and/or portfolio
• Motivational letter
* Application documents will be processed only after admission fee -
30 EUR - is received by the Estonian Academy of Arts. Please find
further information here.

All required documents should be sent by post to the address below

Estonian Academy of Arts
Estonia pst 7
10143, Tallinn

NB! In case of foreign applicants, results of high school certificate
shall be accounted.

The whole curriculum is taught in English. Find out more at Urban
Studies and Admissions requirements.

Please find more info here: http://vana.artun.ee/index.php?lang=eng&main_id=947

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About Estonian Academy of Arts

Established in 1914, Estonian Academy of Arts is the only public
university in Estonia providing higher education in fine arts, design,
architecture, media, visual studies, art culture, and conservation.
The EAA is striving to become a leading international centre of
innovation in the field of visual culture. Currently there are more
than 1,300 students enrolled in the Academy, with many participating
in exchange programmes at international partner universities. In
addition to active study and research activities, the Estonian Academy
of Arts also offers lifelong learning opportunities through the Open
Academy. The Estonian Academy of Arts collaborates with more than a
hundred top art, architecture and design universities worldwide and
belongs to several international higher education networks.

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