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Gentrification in post-socialist contexts

CAT thematic workshop: Gentrification in post-socialist contexts

Recently, gentrification has become a topic of intense scholarly debate in many post-socialist countries. However, its form, dynamics and underlying causes seem to differ from those in Western Europe and North America. In addition, context-specific and path-dependent characteristics of specific cities, countries and regions may lead to a range of outcomes, raising questions about comparability between different post-socialist contexts.

This workshop focuses on these differences and aims to shed more light on the similarities and distinctions between processes of gentrification, both between formerly socialist countries as well as between these and the West.
We invite empirical contributions and theoretical reflections on the following topics:

- patterns of gentrification in post-socialist countries
- gentrification in cities at different levels in continental and national urban hierarchies
- gentrification and local (housing) cultures
- (re-)investment strategies and the role of private actors in gentrification
- the role of policies and public actors in gentrification
- forms and patterns of displacement - theoretical and conceptual challenges

The Workshop will be held in Łódź (Poland), at the Institute of Urban Geography and Tourism Studies, September 29-30, 2012. There is no fee; we simply provide a place to meet and exchange ideas. The city can easily be reached by airplane, either directly or by flying to Warsaw. Frequent land transportation connects Łódź to the Polish capital.

As the Workshop focuses on discussion, presentations should not exceed 20 minutes. We aim at submitting the best papers for consideration as part of a special issue in a refereed journal. We welcome abstracts of approximately 200-250 words; make sure to include the full contact details of the author(s). These should be e-mailed by the 30th of June 2012 at the latest to:

Szymon Marcińczak: szymmar@geo.uni.lodz.pl; szymon.marcinczak@geography.umu.se
Matthias Bernt : berntm@irs-net.de
Michael Gentile: michael.gentile@geography.umu.se

Please ensure that your message is sent to all of the above e-mail addresses.
We look forward to seeing you in Łódź!

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