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Writing under Socialism

Using a comparative approach that crosses disciplines and continents, *Writing under Socialism* offers a critical re-evaluation of the position of literary production under socialist states past and present using new material, theories and methodologies that have come to light since 1989. The volume brings together academic experts researching the interactions between writing and politics in diverse contexts across the former Eastern Bloc, Latin America, and China. As the contributions to this volume demonstrate, writing under socialism involves more than the traditional dichotomy of intellect versus power and instead includes complex relationships between the different actors, institutions and policies that together form the context of literary production in a given state. By offering fresh perspectives on writing in a range of socialist countries, Writing under Socialism highlights the commonalities and differences in these complex relationships. Writing under Socialism will be of direct interest to scholars working on literary, historical and political analyses of cultural production under socialisms past and present

More information can be found at: http://www.new-ventures.net/HTM/Writing%20Under%20Socialism.htm


Foreword. Roger Woods
Introduction: Writing Under Socialism Past and Present: a Comparative Approach. Sara Jones and Meesha Nehru
Past and Present: Socialism and Postsocialism
Writing in Ambiguity: Negotiating Censorship in the GDR. Sara Jones
Print Culture and the New Media in Postsocialist China. Michel Hockx
“Entertaining History”: Socialist Realism in Search of the “Historical
Past”. Evgeny Dobrenko
Living Antifascism: Greta Kuckhoff’s Writings in Die Weltbühne. Joanne Sayner
Ernesto Cardenal and the Dream of Revolution. Mike González
Negotiating Space
Backstage Negotiations: Dramatists and Theatre Reform in the Late GDR. Laura Bradley
Ismail Kadare’s Inner Emigration. Peter Morgan
Literature as Shared Experience: The Movement of Literary Workshops in Revolutionary Cuba. Meesha Nehru
Literary Institutions
Double Agents: The Editorial Habitus and the Thick Socialist Literary Journal. Matthew Philpotts
The Opposition Movement and Writers – A Difficult Coexistence. The Polish Writers Union in the 1970s and 1980s. Karolina Ziolo
The Politics of Modern Literary Criticism in China: The Hu Feng Incident Revisited. Ruth Hung
Narratives In and Out of Socialism
Under and Out of Socialism: Ang Lee’s Rehabilitation of Eileen Chang’s
Lust, Caution. Cristina Demaria
The Writing out of Socialism: Dystopian Technologies, Nineteen Eighty-Four and A Clockwork Orange. Macdonald Daly
Writing Under Socialism
El poeta/The Poet. Pedro Pérez Sarduy
Epilogue: Meeting Myself at Nottingham. Judith Wermuth-Atkinson
Notes on Contributors

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