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Reconsidering the Stagnation Narrative of the Brezhnev Era

Reconsidering the Stagnation Narrative of the Brezhnev Era - International Workshop

University of Amsterdam,
March 30-31, 2012.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together scholars working on the Brezhnev era and rethink the narrative that views it as a long period of stagnation, particularly in the realms of Soviet society and culture.

How stagnant and uniform was “stagnation”? Is it possible to identify social and cultural trends that run counter to the “stagnation” narrative? Did contemporaries see themselves as living through stagnation? And if so, what accounts for Brezhnev’s popularity in present-day Russia and the widespread view of the Brezhnev era as the golden age of Soviet history?

After the conclusion of the workshop we plan to publish an edited volume or an academic journal issue with the workshop presentations.

Prospective participants are invited to explore the following themes:
  • The emergence of the concept of stagnation
  • Alternative periodization for Brezhnev era
  • Social and cultural trends of the Brezhnev era: Aesopian language of cultural products; socialist humor and jokes; the Cult of the Great Patriotic War; cinema, literature, arts and theatre; Soviet science fiction; bard music; tourism; fashion; fascination with the West and foreign consumer goods; the emergence of Soviet rock n’ roll; Soviet intelligentsia; the “double burden” of the socialist woman.
  • Economics and trade: Soviet economic growth; the legacy of the Kosygin reforms; foreign trade; the effect of high oil prices
  • Foreign relations: Soviet conceptions of its international mission; views of the United States and détente; relationship with the Third World
  • Legacies and cultural memory of the Brezhnev era and the idea of stagnation.
The deadline for proposals is December 1st. Respond via email to stagnation.workshop@historylounge.com with your name institutional affiliation, proposed paper title, 150 word abstract and CV.

Pre-circulated conference papers should not exceed 7,000 words and will be due on February 28th, 2012.

Dr. Artemy Kalinovsky Universiteit van Amsterdam Europese Studies Spuistraat 134, k 649 Amsterdam 1012 VB 020 525 2276

Dina Fainberg Rutgers University History Department 16 Seminary Pl. New Brunswick, NJ, 08901

Email: stagnation.workshop@historylounge.com

Visit the website at http://stagnation.historylounge.com/

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