четверг, 17 марта 2011 г.

Internalization of Post-Soviet Universities

Dear colleagues,

We are very happy to inform you that International conference “Internalization of Post-Soviet Universities” would take place on May, 19-21, 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine at National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

During this conference we plan to summarize the results of our cooperation and to discuss the following topics:

  1. the understanding of internalization in Western academic tradition and its application to post-soviet reality;
  2. the obstacles for successful internalization of post-soviet universities and the optimal ways of its overcoming;
  3. internalization in teaching and conducting researches;
  4. the successful models of internalization at institutional and personal level;
  5. Swedish experience in the area of internalization and possibilities for its implementation in post-soviet countries;
  6. the optimal forms of support academic activities of researchers from post-soviet countries;
  7. legal regulation of the process of internalization, etc. You are also very welcome to present the results of your current researches and to share plans for future researches.

Please, indicate your interest for participation in this conference and send me a title of your presentation before March, 21, 2011.
We plan to publish the proceedings of the conference, so expect to have a full text of your paper before May, 1, 2011.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. My e-mail: sergiy.kurbatov@gmail.com.

I am looking forward for our meeting and expect interesting and fruitful event!

Yours sincerely,
Sergiy Kurbatov
Institute of Higher Education
National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

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